Healthy Slimming World Trifle

Experience the satisfaction of a guilt-free and delectable dessert with the Slimming World Healthy Trifle. This treat ensures your sweet cravings are met while maintaining your caloric goals. Layers of sugar-free jelly, fat-free yoghurt, assorted berries, airy light cream, and a sprinkle of rainbow decorations create a delightful ensemble. Relish in this refreshing indulgence that leaves you content and without remorse.


1 package of sugar-free jelly (raspberry recommended) – 2 syns

4 containers (80g each) of fat-free yoghurt (banana used)

1.5 cups of mixed berries

4 tablespoons of light aerosol cream – 6 syns

1 tablespoon of rainbow sprinkles – 1 syn


Prepare the sugar-free jelly according to the package directions.

Equally, distribute the prepared jelly into four glasses, then refrigerate to solidify.

Once the jelly sets, layer each glass with 80g of fat-free yoghurt and a generous helping of mixed berries.

Add 4 tablespoons of light aerosol cream atop the yoghurt and berries in each glass.

Sprinkle a teaspoon of rainbow sprinkles over each glass, lending a vibrant and playful touch.

If making a single serving, construct the layers before consumption. Begin with jelly at the base, followed by yoghurt, fresh fruit, and finish with the light cream.

Savour this exquisite Slimming World Healthy Trifle, an option brimming with flavour that aligns perfectly with your health-conscious journey. Delight in the balance of sweetness and tartness, guilt-free.

Nutritional Information:

Extra Easy: 2.5 syns per serving

Original: 2.5 syns per serving

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