Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread

Indulge in the delectable taste of Slimming World’s Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread, a scrumptious and health-conscious variation of the classic garlic bread. By incorporating wholesome oats, this recipe offers both nutrition and rich, cheesy-garlicky goodness. With a crispy outer layer and a gooey, cheesy interior, this delightful pull-apart bread is ideal for relishing with friends and family.


120g (4.3oz) Rolled Oats or Quick Oats

1.5 teaspoons Baking Powder

Pinch of Salt

2 Large Eggs

120g (4.3oz) Fat-Free Plain Greek Yoghurt

Cooking Oil Spray

50g (1.8oz) Grated Mozzarella

60g (2.2oz) Grated Strong White Cheddar

2-3 Cloves of Crushed Garlic

Freshly Chopped Parsley


Preheat your oven to 180°C (160°C for fan-assisted ovens, or 350°F, gas mark 4).

Utilize a blender or food processor to transform the oats into a fine powder.

Transfer the powdered oats to a bowl. Add baking powder, a pinch of salt, Greek yoghurt, and eggs. Thoroughly combine the mixture.

Line a baking dish with parchment paper.

Pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish, spreading it evenly.

Place the dish in the preheated oven and bake for around 40 minutes, until a skewer inserted in the center emerges clean. Allow the bread to cool.

Increase the oven temperature to 200°C (180°C for fan-assisted ovens, or 400°F, gas mark 6).

In a bowl, combine grated cheddar, mozzarella, crushed garlic cloves, and freshly chopped parsley. Use your hands to crumble and mix the ingredients.

Once the bread has cooled, use a sharp knife to create diagonal slits in the bread, being cautious not to cut through entirely. Gently separate the slits.

Season the bread with a dash of salt and lightly coat it with cooking oil spray.

Stuff the cheese and garlic mixture into the slits of the bread.

Return the bread to the baking dish and bake for approximately 10-12 minutes, until the cheese melts and turns lightly golden.

Serve the warm pull-apart cheesy garlic bread. Enjoy the flavorful creation by tearing it apart and savouring the delightful textures and tastes!

This Slimming World Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread offers a delightful balance of flavours and textures. Perfect for sharing with loved ones or relishing as a satisfying snack.

Slimming World: 1 Healthy Extra A (HEa) and 1 Healthy Extra B (HEb) per serving.