KFC-Inspired Baked Chicken

Experience the delectable essence of KFC-style chicken in a more health-conscious manner with this Slimming World-approved recipe. Delight in the succulence of tender chicken breasts, perfectly boiled and adorned with a savoury coating of herbs, spices, and crispy breadcrumbs. This guilt-free delight, accompanied by your preferred sides, presents an ideal option for adherents of the Slimming World regimen or anyone seeking a more wholesome rendition of KFC’s iconic dish.

For Slimming World adherents: Incorporate 6 syns unless utilizing bread as a healthy extra.


4 Chicken Breasts

1 Jar Chicken Bovril

1 tsp Garlic Puree

2 tsp Black Pepper

2 tsp Mixed Spice

1 tsp Chilli Powder

4 Slices of Wholemeal Bread

2 tsp Mixed Herbs


Initiate the process by bringing a pot of water to a boil. Submerge the chicken breasts into the boiling water, allowing them to cook for approximately 30 minutes. For an elevated flavour profile, introduce chicken Bovril or stock powder into the water. Stir the mixture, enabling the chicken to continue simmering.

As the chicken cooks, craft the sauce. Within a jug, blend a jar of chicken Bovril, an egg, garlic puree, black pepper, mixed spice, and chilli powder. Stir the components thoroughly, culminating in a harmonious sauce-like consistency.

To prepare the breadcrumbs, extract the crusts from four slices of wholemeal bread. Employ a cheese grater to finely grate the bread, guaranteeing an even texture. Address any sizable lumps, ensuring uniformity in the crumb size.

Upon completion of the chicken’s cooking time, deactivate the heat and drain the water. Place the boiled chicken onto a suitably sized dish, arranging them with adequate spacing.

Envelop each chicken breast in the prepared sauce, aiming for uniform coverage across all pieces.

Subsequent to saucing the chicken, evenly sprinkle the breadcrumbs onto the chicken breasts. Confirm firm adherence of the breadcrumbs to the sauced chicken.

Preheat the oven to roughly 200 degrees Celsius (390 degrees Fahrenheit). Position the coated chicken within the oven, baking for an estimated 20 minutes or until achieving a golden-brown hue and thorough doneness.

Upon attainment of cooking perfection, withdraw the KFC-style chicken from the oven. Present it alongside a complementary side dish of your preference, be it a salad or oven-baked chips, for a gratifying and tasteful meal. Revel in the scrumptious and health-conscious iteration of this timeless favourite.

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