Strawberry Mousse Cake

When you can eat half a strawberry mousse cake jizzled with white chocolate for 4 syns and a HexB, you could say that life is, well, berry forking good.

That’s right. Half a cake for 4 syns. I ship you not.

I actually only ate a quarter (which was still Jason Momoa massive) for only 2 syns and half a HexB thereby leaving plenty of syns for snorting wine.

It’s just a packet of Hartleys jelly mixed with 80 ml of hot water then whipped into yoghurt (one pot x 125 ml strawberry, 2 pots plain) set between layers of baked oat cake.

Tarted up with schmelted chocolate.

Don’t mousse around with this one, just get your face right in there motorboat style.