Chocolate orange cakes

Chocolate orange cakes at just one syn a square and all forking 4 of them for your HexB. Orange you glad you can scoff them all.

Just whisk 40 grams of blitzed oats with a tablespoon of sweetener,

a couple of teaspoons of chocolate chips,

the grated zest of one orange, a quarter teaspoon baking powder,

one egg and 125 ml of plain fat free yoghurt than bake for 30 on 180.

Squeeze the juice of an orange out and warm up with a few clicks of sweetener tablets to dissolve them then pour over the cakes.

Frost them by whisking a couple of light cheese triangles (half a HexA) with a couple of tablespoons of Skyr or Quark and a tablespoon of Options Belgian hot choc.

Melt a cheeky little Terry’s wedge over the top to add that extra filth factor.

Really peeling the love for this dessert, one of the zest cakes I ever tasted.