This is the ultimate comfort food and is one of those dishes that when I get the idea to make it (it suggested by a friend,  thanks Julie!!) I think ‘why dont I make this more often? ‘

It is very easy to make and the only thing to remember is to cook it in a bain marie also known as a water bath this just means you put the dish the mixture is in a baking tin half full of hot water before you put it in the oven. This helps the custard to cook slower and stops the mixture curdling. (see 2nd pic)

Baked egg custard


4 large eggs

400ml skimmed or 1% milk

4 tbsp sweetener

grated nutmeg (if liked)


Simply mix the eggs, milk and sweetener in a large jug and beat well.  Pour the mixture in a ovenproof dish and grate over the nutmeg (if liked)

Place the dish into a baking tin half full of hot water and bake on Gas 4 /180/ 350 and bake for 30 minutes

Note for Slimming World members

serves 4 at 2 syns per portion but if you take the 100ml of milk from your portion from your healthy extra choice then its syn free : )